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Equipment and Uniforms.
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Law Enforcement Accessories in Bronx, New York

Police & Security Equipment Bureau, located in Bronx, New York offers custom designed uniforms and law enforcement accessories to outfit your police squad.

We carry uniforms for a range of law enforcement and public safety units, including firefighters and security guards. All uniforms are made to order with the option of custom embroidery, and come in every size for women and men.

Police Officer, Law Enforcement Accessories in Bronx, NY

Our company carries several law enforcement accessories and equipment. Click on our
flyer to view a wide selection of items, including handcuffs, night sticks, badges, and flashlights. Brands we sell include
Cobra™, Desantis Gunhide™, Hi-Tech™, and Uncle Mike™.

Academy™ Items
Police & Security Equipment Bureau
carries a full line of Academy™ clothing and shoes for school students, including:

• Gym Uniforms • T-Shirts • Shorts

Additional Items
Give a gift to a colleague who received a promotion or is retiring from the force with our custom-crafted accessories that are perfect mementos to commemorate the occasion.

Contact us to request more information about our custom-made police uniforms.